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aneopointmakesmehollahoneybooboo replied to your post:
i wonder how many people are going to use your answer and not have the same item

Omg do they ask for different things??? Ahaha that would be hilarious



this is my grid
anyone have anything different?

that must have taken awhile 0.o

 Nah, wasn’t too bad :p




this is my grid

anyone have anything different?

that must have taken awhile 0.o

Nah, wasn’t too bad :p

Since no one has gotten anything different than my grid, I went and put in my guess uvu

Under a cut in case you want to figure it out by yourself (like you should!! c;)

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foam-dome sent: NEVER MIND I FIGURED IT OUTTTTTTT and my grid looks exactly like yours. (On a totally unrelated note, is your JN wishlist up to date? Not that I plan on sending you a gift, or anything... *wink wonk*)

Great!! :D It’s always a great feeling when you work out a puzzle, especially if it’s been giving you a hard time :D :D :D

&Should be! :o Also weh ;u; 

sedgewhisker sent: dude i am so goddamn confused do we all have different clues or what ?? im sorry omg

No, we all have the same clues, I just can’t remember them all so I go with whatever sorry ‘bout that. I honestly don’t know how to explain any better than I have, I’m truly terrible at explaining ;u; If it helps, everyone who has replied to my post has gotten the same thing, so if you really can’t work it, you can always use my grid for reference cx

Anonymous sent: Process of elimination is how I completed my grid the first time, but the new clues threw that out the window. Can you walk me through the elimination process for your grid?

I sort of already posted one in response to Olivia aka the honey boo boo child lady!

But basically, start with the ones that definitively give you information, sweep through and only put the ones that are solid facts given by the clues (including ones that for sure cancel each other out, like the wedding ring could not have been stolen at 5am because a clue says one guild stole the ring and another stole at 5am. Some give two conditional statements, which means there are two definite things. Any time there is an or or after or before it provides a hard fact.)

After that, look over ones that are conditional for information you know has to be one or the other. The pyramid prowlers conditional is the best place to start there

Then, look for ones that mention times (afters and befores) and mark out which ones couldn’t have happened. If one says that something happened before 3am, for example, you would mark out 3, 4, and 5 because they are no longer possible for that thing

Continue by matching up times and methods that are common among items and guilds. If a guild has stolen something at midnight, invisibility was used at midnight, and invisibility was used to steal something, you can put down that that guild stole that item using invisibility at midnight.

Finally, go to the conditional time statements again. If, for example, the guild that stole something an hour after the one that used the disguise, compare to what time the disguise was used, mark it down, see if it matches up. Continue doing that, seeing if there are any conflicts, and you should find your answers!

I hope this made sense I am the absolute WORST at explaining my methods which is how I almost failed geometry lol

aneopointmakesmehollahoneybooboo replied to your post: aneopointmakesmehollahoneybooboo repli…

i think i just got as far as i did before reset. i’m so indecisive about the conditional ones. how did you choose them? like the sun chasers/wedding ring/five am one? did you just pick one and build from there? D: im so bad at this

I was too, and honestly, the first grid i figured out was the thing at which time at the bottom @_@

For that one, the clue with the Hand of Anubis said that they were an hour after the ones who used a disguise, and the times for both the ring and disguise didn’t line up with that restriction (for me, when I was doing my grid, at least), so it had to be taken with a distraction! c:

&D/w friend I actively tried to solve how episodes of Sherlock were going to go as I watched them this is my jam and i’m ready to be of service :U

Anonymous sent: My grid was mostly complete up until the sixth things were introduced, but that just threw it completely out of whack. How are each of your selections rationalized by the clues?

Process of elimination! Mine was almost complete as well, but some things just didn’t add up. It was frustrating having to start over, but after a bit, you find that certain things have to be true, which helps figure out the rest c:

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my grid is undecipherable due to it being soaked with tear stains

-pats u gently- It helps to just clear the board and start from scratch, honestly. Start by filling in the absolutes and undeniables. For example, the guild that used the sewers did not steal the telescope, the illuminated menuscript was stolen by the pyramid prowlers, pocket chess was not stolen by the sun chasers or at 2am

Branch off from there for the conditional ones like “Of the guild that bribed a guard and the Pyramid Prowlers, one stole Pocket Chess and the other committed the theft at midnight.” Because we know the pyramid prowlers stole the menuscript, they must be the ones who stole at midnight, and that whomever used a bribe stole pocket chess!

You can do it!!! :D :D :D

luxuryacaraplushie replied to your post: luxuryacaraplushie answered your post:…

I want tooo >o< I have no idea where y’all got it ! c:

luxuryacaraplushie answered your post: OKAY SO this is my grid anyone have an…

YES mine is blank

That doesn’t count u silly ahaha. You should try though!! It’s fun! :D